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About Petrina

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My name is Petrina JM Sharp and I’m a fine artist. I specialize in custom mural paintings, faux finishing, decorative painting, as well as commissioned oil-painted canvases. My motto and mission is “I Paint Your World Beautiful.”

The Joy of Creating Art

Art is my greatest joy in life and my greatest gift for others. However, I have been told that my second best attribute is that I am easy to work with, and can pretty readily understand and anticipate the creative needs and requirements of others, given a little conversation to get the ideas flowing.

A Little of My Background

I first got interested in art when I was 4. My parents put this chalkboard up in my room and I would create sketches and drawings and I became hooked for life!

We had moved to Hanau, Germany when I was two and we took an ocean liner to get there…I remember they had an indoor playground with sand and everything…that was so cool!

So, by the time I was four I already had lots of interesting experiences to “draw” on.

There still exists a photo album with my “work” in it — a chalk portrait of my mother while she was pregnant with my sister (see the introductory video in the top right).

By eight I was very into horses and was riding and mucking out stalls regularly. I was also drawing and painting them, too.

I did a stint at boarding school. Got into all kinds of interesting conversations with the local authorities…. That was when my mother decided it was time to come back to the states.

It was quite a shock entering 5th grade in a public school in Denver, Colorado, speaking English, which I had only been exposed to at home — occasionally. Basically, I ended up teaching myself to read and write English.

For the next few years most of my creativity went into helping my mother run the household (while she had returned to college), taking care of my sister, going to school and reading (lots of reading!).

My teenage years were exciting because I was attending cosmetology school, high school and I also had a job at the local skating rink. Plus I belonged to a mime troop and we performed around the state. I did not have much time for visual art until I got into college.

I have a degree in Theater production which I acquired in Edmonton, Canada. Then I spent more time in college as an art major…but I had different ideas about aesthetics and went my own way before completing.

21st Century Artist

My life has been filled with art over the years, from doing holiday decorating (paid decorating) and set painting for theatre earlier on, up until the advent of the 21st century whereby I have succeeded in making my living exclusively as an artist living in Ventura California. Servicing several areas in Southern Cal.

Looking forward to another exciting and Artful year and helping you by painting your world beautiful!

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