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Written By: Petrina on May 8, 2012 No Comment
Horse Mural in Babies Room

My client a very avid horse lover really wanted a Horse Mural above the crib for her new baby Daughter. We chose an image of horses running through the grass. I enjoyed creating this mural as it is something the child can grow with and will love for years to come.

I […]

Written By: Petrina on May 7, 2009 One Comment
Commercial Murals

I paint beautiful murals for your office or business so that you, your employees and customers will enjoy their working environment even more.  Click the following link to see all COMMERCIAL MURALS.

Written By: Petrina on May 7, 2009 No Comment
Children’s Murals

Want to make your child’s bedroom exceptionally unique and special?  I use your child’s ideas (if possible) along with your style choices so I can paint your children’s rooms with a flair and beauty. I like your child”s help and instruction as to where and what they want on their walls. In other words I […]

Written By: Petrina on May 7, 2009 No Comment
Residential Murals

I paint custom, one-of-a-kind murals, that will make your home or office even more beautiful. Click to see all RESIDENTIAL MURALS.

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