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Written By: Petrina on June 18, 2011 One Comment
“Picowso” The Fiberglass cow painting (Video)

This “Picowso” fiber glass cow was a delightfully moooving experience. This lawn ornament surounded by trees & plants, is painted with special bright, sign paint and clear coated to withstand the elements. She has “Got milk?” written in four languages. Spanish, English, French & Italian.

Written By: Petrina on January 22, 2010 No Comment
Kitchen cabinet Makeover (Video)

To stave off the cost of remodeling this kitchen, a Faux Finish Paint technique was applied. We chose a semi transparent green color and gave this kitchen a makeover to not only please the eye but the pocketbook too.

Written By: Petrina on January 14, 2010 No Comment
New look for Kitchen cabinets (Video)

Instead of having the expense of new or refinished cabinets why not just add some fabulous color to give them new life? For this couple, we chose the wife’s favorite color – a nice transparent, rich burgundy. They have had many compliments!

Written By: Petrina on September 3, 2009 One Comment
Anacapa Island Mural in Guest Bath

This mural was fun to do. Local Ventura scenery of Anacapa Island with wild flowers was added to a guest bathroom. This house was at the beach in Ventura, so keeping it local was important to the client. My toughest critic made sure I added some animals for added interest.

Written By: Petrina on September 2, 2009 No Comment
Guest Bedroom Mural by the Beach

This is a Beach Mural of Local Landscape in Ventura, in a home by the beach.  We wanted to be pulled into the guest bedroom from down the hall. Bright colors, local vegitation and a sailboat made it a fun project for me.

Written By: Petrina on September 2, 2009 No Comment
Nature Mural

Nature Mural on stair case

This is one of my favorite Murals. On a curved stair case it was very impressive when you walked in the door. This was a co-create with a dear Artist Friend of mine. We work well together and had a lot of fun painting this. The subject was taken from […]

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