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Curved Staircase Mural

Written By: Petrina on July 8, 2009 One Comment

Blanca Mural 1Blanca Mural 3This mural was interesting because it had so many perspectives to choose from. It looked different from every angle. The challenge was making it look good from all angles. It was very large 9’x14′ and working on a curved stair case made it just that much more of a workout. But hey when you love your job what’s a little workout? This client wanted to bring in some of their back yard into the front entry. The rest of the entryway was a beautiful Venitian plaster that worked great with the mural.

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One Response to “Curved Staircase Mural”

  1. Dean says on: 26 August 2009 at 10:42 pm

    Hello Petrina,

    I met you at the Ventura County Fair. I was the guy checking out the ceiling, and not your picture!! You then met Terry “The Horse” She had the other end of your elephant in the next building (grin) I am just checking out your Website. This mural at the stairway is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork. Talk to you later, Dean

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