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How Much Does a Custom Mural Cost?

The main factor that will determine the price of your mural, or custom artwork, simply boils down to how long it will take to complete.

These are the questions I’ll be evaluating:

♥ How large is the project?
♥ How detailed should the project be?
♥ Are there any special supplies that need to be ordered?
♥ How accessible is the area that will be painted?
♥ How many layers of paint will be required?

Of course I’ll also be interested in any budgetary requirements you may have. Many individuals are delighted that my estimate will be completed within a budget they may not have even stated.

However, for others, I can readily come up with suggestions on how to reduce the cost, so that they may enjoy their custom mural, or other personalized art, within a budget that is suitable for them.

If you have a concept in mind of what you want to achieve, and have some dimensions of a wall size and/or canvas size you would like, I may be able to give you a rough estimate right over the phone. In other circumstances, I’ll need to see the area you wish to have painted, to give a more accurate estimate. Of course, once I have provided an illustration and/or examples, and know the size and scope of the project, I’ll be able to give you an exact quote of what it will cost to complete your project.

For the sake of example, some estimates for simple decorative painting projects could be a few hundred dollars.

For substantial ceiling murals, the cost could be over ten thousand dollars. Most easily accessible wall murals are a few thousand dollars, largely dependent upon the size and specific detail requirements.

The easiest way to find out how much it would cost to provide a custom mural for you (or other art service) would be to click “Contact Petrina” so that we may discuss what you would like to accomplish.

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