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Enliven Your Personal World with Color, Vitality and Aesthetics!

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Custom Murals
Faux Finish Painting
Decorative Painting

Gorgeous Custom Murals!

Add a dynamic, dazzling mural to your home or business. Designs or imagery can be life-like, dreamy, abstract, Trompe L’Oeil (a French term for fool or trick the eye) or anything you prefer….

If you have a concept in mind that is partially, or specifically represented in a picture (or even a number of images), we can use that as a basis to bring your mural to life.

Conversely, just describe what you have in mind and I’ll provide a preliminary drawing of your concept.

Either way, I’ll present you a sketch for approval before we apply any paint to your walls.

Just click on “Contact Petrina” and let’s discuss what you are thinking about, however clearly or vaguely formulated your vision is.

Elegant, Vibrant or Antiqued Faux Finishes

Whether you want to create an uplifting room, provide a more elegant ambiance, or simply beautify your home or office, custom faux finishing of your walls will lend a truly personalized reflection of your individual style.

You can either show me a picture of what you have in mind, or I can show you images of a variety of different approaches to faux finishes, or you can simply describe the mood or feeling you wish to convey and I’ll provide some examples.

However we establish the ultimate look you want to achieve, I’ll be able to show you a pretty close approximation of how it will look before we change any of your walls.

Click on “Contact Petrina” and let’s talk about what you want to achieve.

Truly One-Of-A-Kind, Decorative Painting Personalizations

Give yourself a deserved gift of uplifted and inspired living with exquisite, personalized, decorative painting on your:

♥ Doorways
♥ Ceilings
♥ Windows
♥ Furniture
♥ Walls
♥ Anything!

Just click on “Contact Petrina” to talk about what you want to enliven.

Don’t Know Exactly What You Want?

It’s OK if you don’t have an exact concept in mind. If you simply wish to add more beauty to your home or office, we can work together to establish a look that will inspire you daily, long after it’s completed.

I make it simple for you and and bring it all to life for you!

It’s easy! Just click on “Contact Petrina” and let’s talk about your portrait needs.

Commissioned Oil Painted Portraits

I also hand-paint vivid oil canvases for you, including portraits of:

♥ Husbands
♥ Wives
♥ Children
♥ Horses
♥ Dogs
♥ Cats
♥ Pets
♥ Homes
♥ Business Executives

The easiest way to achieve this is by simply providing me a photo and also describing any changes or adjustments you would like to make to the picture, and I’ll paint it for you.

Just click on “Contact Petrina” and let’s talk about your portrait needs.

My Secret

What’s my secret to painting with such unparalleled vibrancy? I specialize in little-known, traditional, fine art techniques passed down from classical, international art masters over the centuries, to light up your environment with the beauty and love I bring to all that I paint.

Best of all, I Make It Easy For YOU! Just click on “Contact Petrina” to get started. I look forward to working with you and bringing more beauty and joy into your life!

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